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How to blend only 2 colours to make 4 or 5?

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How to blend only 2 colours to make 4 or 5?

Postby flood and stroke » Tue Sep 11, 2012 9:03 am

Hey there!
I have been printing at a basic level for about 2 years and I am just starting to get to grips with how to create halftones when using photo shop CS2. Although I am confident with the actual process of printing and creating work, I have not yet mastered the skills I need to properly fine tune my work unaided.

I have a design that I have previously screen printed in 5 flat block colours using water based inks. I would like to create a second edition of the print however this time I would like to try and blend 2 colours together to create my 5 colours by the allowing the placement and angle of my halftones to create different shades.

I have of a piece of work here by a graphic designer called Christopher Wilson which aptly shows the desired effect I am trying to recreate. If you notice, Wilson has used a blend of a blue and an orange to create a brown and black. Does anybody have any tips on how to create such an effect or any tutorials that may be helpful?

Thank you so much! :D

flood and stroke
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