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Buying equipment in Europe

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Buying equipment in Europe

Postby t-stone » Mon Feb 21, 2011 5:00 pm


Me and some friends are starting to get into screen printing, and are investing in some equipment. We have already bought a press, and are looking to buy as much of the equipment as possible from one store only. Since we live in Europe, it is not important tax vise to buy from US, so we are thinking of either buying from within the EU or from China.

We are looking to buy t-shirts (500-1000), tank tops (250-500) from the same supplier, and are wondering if anyone has any suppliers to recommend? The fruit of the loom tees are too thick and doesnt feel nice when you were it, we are looking for thin t-shirts and tank tops with a nice fit. Preferably organic too, but it doesnt have to be organic as long as its thin and with a nice fit and they accept small orders (500-1000pcs, but different colors).

We would also like to buy all the other stuff, as ink, emulsion, exposure lamp, squeeges, scoop coater, etc from one store. Anyone that can recommend a online store that sells all the stuff, has good customer service and is cheap? As i mentioned earlier, it is not important that the store is in the US.

We are not sure of which ink to go for. I have searched a bit around on the forum, and many people seems to recommend plastisol ink, but i want to print as environmental friendly as possible and have looked at the Enviro Water Based Ink: ... ANTONEKITG

Anyone have any experience with this ink? It is devided into two lines, for light and dark textiles. Is it necessary to buy both types of ink, or can we simply print one layer of white on the dark fabric, and then use the ink for light textiles? It would be the best option in the start, to not invest too much. Plus we are not going to be printing much on dark textiles. What does people think about the pantone kit that i linked to? Is it good value for the money? And is the site a good place to buy all of our equipment from? It would be very nice to buy the pantone kit, since it would give us much more freedom to experiment with colors and print more interesting designs right off from the start.

Sorry for asking so many questions, i have searched around the site but havent found all the answers, so that is why im asking :) Hope to be able to learn a lot and later contribute to the site and the community.
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