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Starting out/experimenting with inks, advice on equipment

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Starting out/experimenting with inks, advice on equipment

Postby craglan84 » Thu Dec 15, 2011 8:45 am


I've been in the garment printing industry for a couple of years now and have started up on my own with the help of my friend/business partner. At the minute just doing the 'bread and butter' vinyl, transfer, sublimation stuff which I know. I have looked into screen printing a couple of times more as a hobby than anything else but I've been getting a number of requests and as I have the benefit of an almost money is no object backer and also with him being a very patient guy we have decided to have a go whilst things are quiet.

I've done a bit of research and my real question is in regards to inks? There's so many out there and it seems a company may make a better white than they do a black and others better primary colours and so on. Whats a good start point for inks when I'll be printing on 100% premium garments most of the time, light and dark garments. I was planning on starting with just one colour prints, not to sell, just for practice to get the art of it nailed a bit.

Although I've looked into the equipment side I would still like some suggestions for a good little start up package, what brands and bits of kit should I bring together for a starter but someone who would like to take it seriously and offer it professionally. Would anybody recommend the DIY route for the carousel? My brother's a very skilled carpenter and we're both practically minded, is it a route worth going down if offering it as a professional service? I'm UK based as I imagine that will make a difference to what supplies I can get my hands on.

Many thanks
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