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new to fabric screen printing

Postby edinemms » Wed Dec 28, 2011 6:30 pm

Hi, I have just started screen printing (well when i say started,i mean i have bought the materials) but being new to it all i am a bit bewildered and i am hoping to get some help from some more experienced people. So far i have purchased a screen printing kit, some white ink, some thinner ans screen wash. The first couple of queries i have is How much thinner do i use in comparison to ink, and how do i use the screen wash, do I literally pour it into a bucket to clean the screen as that seems like I will use a lot. Also, does anyone know any good reasonable suppliers for ink? I gave it all a test run tonight onto a towel made from cotton but it hasn't come out the way i expected - any helpful tips at all would be much appreciated - thank you :-)
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