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Happy medium between detail, paper, and fabric

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Happy medium between detail, paper, and fabric

Postby bumbl.e » Sat Jan 28, 2012 12:02 am

Hi all,

very new to screen printing. By very new I mean the idea crossed my mind and now I'm hooked and trying to learn all I can before investing money in screens, emulsion (wow look already using big words), and the like to create my first masterpiece (wow look already getting cocky).

Anyway, from what I understand, you can get very detailed in screen printing. Too bad "very" isn't very (hah) quantitative. If I wanted to take this paint splatter (yes I know the faded red background won't show up)


and make a print of it that was, say, 3"x3", would I be disappointed?

My understanding is finer mesh means potentially greater detail. Makes sense. But you need a wider mesh for printing on fabrics, correct? How can I get detail on fabrics? Is there some kind of magic (it does exist) number mesh that will allow me that kind of detail while still being able to print on paper and fabric? Or will I have to cough up the money to buy multiple screens if I want the same graphic on both a tshirt and paper?

Thanks! And sorry this post was a rambling mess.
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