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Use of non-screenprint retarder

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Use of non-screenprint retarder

Postby astropatheticus » Sat Jan 28, 2012 1:24 am

Hello all!

I'm a pretty experienced screen printer, mostly self taught, but I'm still trying to understand the complexities of different inks and mediums. While rummaging through a box of various art supplies, i found a bottle of GOLDEN Retarder for acrylic paints, and I was wondering if this could be used for acrylic screen printing ink even though it is not labeled for such a use. Is there a significant difference between regular acrylic paint and acrylic silk screen ink that would cause disastrous results or ruin the ink? Does it have to be a retarder of the same brand as the ink? Or will using the paint retarder produce pretty much the same result with any differences being negligible?
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