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screen print bolting cloth query

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screen print bolting cloth query

Postby deeteapea » Sun Jan 25, 2009 4:31 pm

Hi there,
New to the forum and could do with some expert input on screen printing material. Can I ask you folks, if the screen print material popularly called bolting cloth, is the same material used to make plankton nets?

The specification looks identical, take 43T, polyester bolting cloth, 150 microns mesh size as an example. One plankton net manufacturer quotes he uses nylon bolting cloth. query is; polyester bolting it the same thing?

I need many yards of bolting cloth and wondered if we're talking about the same material.

Anyone help me know the difference, if any?

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Re: screen print bolting cloth query

Postby sharefilters » Sun Jul 19, 2009 6:29 am

I do not know what you mean "plankton net", when referring to bolting cloth, we usually mean the following polymer-made cloth:
polyester woven mesh, polyethylene mesh and Nylon (Polyamide) mesh.

Polyester woven mesh is used for both printing and filtration, which are available in white and yellow color; And Nylon mesh can also be used for printing, however, nylon mesh can not achieve the fine effect as Polyester printing mesh can; So nowadays, people tend to use polyester printing mesh, mesh counts range from 20meshes to 480meshes in different width.

Other than Polyester Mesh, Polyethylene and Nylon meshes are used usually for filtration, separation; made into mesh filter bags or special filter elements, such as accessories to kettle filters.

If you are interested in purchasing polyester printing mesh or filter meshes, we will be happy to supply.

Visit our, or contact me directly: or
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