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5 Different Type Mesh in Screen Printing

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5 Different Type Mesh in Screen Printing

Postby sharefilters » Tue Oct 25, 2011 12:25 am

The mesh used in screen printing can be classified in a variety of ways. One is by the type of weave, or how the fibers lay over each other. The most common varieties are plain weave and twill weave. Mesh can also be named according to the type of material that it consists of, such as monofilament or multifilament mesh.

1. Plain Weave Mesh
Plain weave mesh is the most common type of weave used in the screen printing industry. It is especially preferred for meshes with high thread counts. The pattern of plain weave is very simple, with each strand passing alternately over and then under the strands across the length of the mesh. The warp wires, which run parallel to the length of the cloth meet the shoot wires that run traversely at right angles.

2. Twill Weave Mesh
A twilled weave is sometimes used in low thread meshes that need large holes for certain types of specialty printing, such as glitter. In a twill weave each horizontal cloth wire passes over and under two vertical wires. The pattern becomes staggered throughout the length of the mesh, resulting in the appearance of diagonal lines that are parallel to each other. This patterns produces a stronger mesh that can use heavier cloth wires.

3. Low Elongation Mesh
Low elongation mesh, or LE mesh, has the special ability to keep its tension level after being repeatedly used. Other types of mesh must be manually tensioned, in which they are alternately stretched at a higher tension and then relaxed to a lower pull in order to be in the proper condition for screen printing. This is not necessary with low elongation mesh. As a result, it is also more tear resistant than other types of mesh.

4. Monofilament and Mulitfilament Polyester Mesh
Mesh can also be classified according to the type of fibers that make it up. Polyester is heated and made into a mesh consisting of cloth wires that either contain a single strand or multiple braided strands. Monofilament polyester mesh is the most common variety used in screen printing. Monofilament polyester meshes have better weave uniformity and ink passage through the mesh. Multifilament polyester tends to be stronger and easier to reclaim.
Screen Printing Mesh
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