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New to Industrial Printing

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New to Industrial Printing

Postby printingthefuture » Thu Jan 20, 2011 8:36 pm

Hello people.

I've recently landed a great paying job running an Indigo printer and a flatbed UV fuji printer.
My background is mostly in fineart photographic printing and photo editing. So things are very different from what Im used to.

I work for a fairly busy print company, we have several komori presses running. and a large screen-press.
My main concern is the smells coming from all the combined printers. We do have air ducts pumping most of the fumes away but still its very noticeable.

Sometimes I'm really freaked out by the fumes, I keep wondering if I'm slowly killing myself by working there.

I would like to hear info from others in the field.
Is this something to worry about?
I'm I being silly?
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